Curse you tile!

Yeah, I had a lot of things in the queue this week for my limited design time, instead I got caught up in the tile fever and starting making just random stuff. I literally cannot stand how well the GF does these :stuck_out_tongue:


ROFL! Lovely! :smile:


Awesome. What was your fill method? Sharpie? Paint/mask?

Nice Job! On that last tile is that an engrave or a score?:grinning::+1:

Where were you able to find the outline for all the continents? I’ve been wanting to do something similar! I haven’t looked too hard, but each time I’ve looked I’ve only gotten results for maps etc.

Really cool projects, btw!

First result for googling “world map svg” is this…


For the HP coaster it was gold sharpie and then magic eraser cleanup that other have used.

For the map it is actually just how the tile etched. I picked up some matte ceramic subway tiles recently for a bathroom renovation and they engrave into perfect black lines and don’t need to be sealed, heretofore to be named ‘jackpot tiles’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Engrave settings used on both, but the tile I used is different and behaved oddly (awesomely) by the glaze melting into clean black lines instead of vaporizing

Yeah, similar to @evansd2 I just did some Google trolling and found a pattern that was close enough and then made some minor adjustments to it in (I go very low tech on png edits :stuck_out_tongue: )

MORE INPUT REQUIRED :slight_smile:


So, fun story, the back of all of those cool glass tiles in fun colors is just paint. A quick little mirroring of your image and you can print right on them and I think it looks kind of awesome


You beat me to it! I got one the other day, and just hadn’t had time to hit it yet. Awesome job.