Curved lines in Glowforge Interface

Can we make simple curved lines in the Glowforge Interface? (But not a circle.)
Or is there a way to combine/subtract shapes (pathfinder in AI for reference?)

Yes, I’ve tried searching the forum for this… an answer wasn’t easy to find.

Longer question:
So, I want to make an physical edit for a design I just cut to adjust the curve of an edge. I don’t want to open the file and make the adjustment in AI… for many reasons.

I was hoping there was someway to modify the straight line tool in the Glowforge UI to match the curve I’ve sketched onto the piece of wood. OR combine/subtract a circle and straight to create the curve I need.

I feel like this is something basic I’m just completely missing when looking at the GUI? If not, can this kind of feature be added to the GUI? (How do I go about submitting the idea to the correct spot?)

If I’m rambling, I’m sorry. I’ll try to explain better.


To my knowledge, the straight line is a straight line only. We don’t seem to have node editing ability There may be a workaround for what you desire, but it would require overlaying images, ignoring certain elements, etc., etc. I can’t think of a simple way to do what you want.

Better minds in the community may be more helpful.


for all those lines, curves etc, I create them in Illustrator (any drawing program that can export as a .pdf or .svg will work), import them (or people say paste them) into the GF app and apply settings

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As stated, you cannot do this in the glowforge interface. However, this is really easy to do in pretty much any drawing program (I saw illustrator, but also in Inkscape which is free to download) and import the design into the interface.

I actually ‘keep’ a folder of lines and curves as .svg files – (separate) when I need to do something outside of the available tools.

I am extremely aware of/know how to use Adobe Illustrator.
Making one curve in AI to match with the custom curved shape on something I’ve already put through the forge would be/was/is obnoxious.

It would have been nice to simply make the line in the Glowforge’s UI.

I feel like I need to start doing that.

Also, specific pieces/squares that are always 6mm or 3mm to be able to adjust/fix holes or tabs in GUI. ::sigh::

Oh yea, I have a WHOLE set of THOSE!!!

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