Custom Aircraft LED Sign

I made these for customers this week. Made the box out of Faux Ebony Wood, used LED Standoffs and medium acrylic. The hang flush against the wall when mounted. They turn out amazing in person.


Well that’s cool! :grinning:

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Faux ebony wood boxes? Care to elaborate?


Just saw those LED standoffs for the first time the other day drool

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This is faux ebony. It lasers light brown. It’s about 5.15 per 12x24 sheet


I was looking at some LED standoffs yesterday. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find yours? is where I found them. For a set of four with the junction box and power supply was about $50


I didn’t even know LED standoffs were a thing! Very cool!

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Can you tell us the source for your faux ebony? Thanks! Laser’s nicely!

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I didn’t either but now that I do I’m buying some! Would also like to know where you source the faux ebony…

I can’t like this enough. I’m in the Air Force and was planning on modeling some of the heritage planes we have flown in our almost 100 year history (Specific unit I am part of ) in wood. Now I might do this for the heritage room. Leaves a lasting impression.

Looks fabulous! LED standoffs? Oh my!

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