Custom automotive shop fixture

My son was wondering how he’d hold this cam gear from spinning or moving around while he removed six bolts. We figured out the necessary fixture–and it was the perfect task for the Glowforge!

We took a few measurements from the gear and quickly designed a simple shape in AI that would fit the gear profile. After a test cut in Draftboard (to refine the snugness of fit), we cut one out of Thick Plywood and a couple other ones out of Draftboard. That made a triple layer sandwich, rugged enough for the job.

Adding some standoff feet made from 2 x 2 gives good points for clamping the fixture to a work bench. The three feet are spaced so that the whole thing can be flipped over, clamped down flat on the bench, and then used to hold the other gear (which has screws on the back).

It ain’t pretty, but it’ll do the trick…thanks to the Glowforge.


I disagree. I think useful/effective is pretty.


I agree with @dklgood … I’m currently working mostly with “useful” builds, and it’s helping me to finally get the kitchen organization under control. :smile:

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Mr. Practical cuts approves.


Ooooo, these practical cuts get me so excited!

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Total solve of the problem! Fabulous idea!

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Should add to:

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As they say necessity is the mother of invention.

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