Custom avatar changed to someone else's

@discourse did something weird. My avatar changed all of a sudden right after I uploaded a post. Now I am Jesse Stark’s avatar! @aircobra01. In my preferences my profile pic is my classic mug but when I go to edit it, starksforge comes up.

I’m leaving it for a while before changing back manually.

Has anyone ever had this happen? Could I have clicked something and changed it? I have no idea how.

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Looks the same to me. Was this just on one post? (How odd.)

Ditto it’s the same. Also Cyndi’s is fine to on the one you posted.

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Ok must be a browser thing. I just checked it on a different device and it’s ok. I’ll refresh on the Surface book and see if I return.


Ok. Cleared history. Now no avatar for me or @cynd11. Strange.

Ok. Works in Edge.

No go in Chrome 63.0.3239.84, on Windows 10

Hmmmmmmm… (cue Twilight Zone jingle…)


Never seen this before, and you’re avatar looks OK for me in Chrome. Best
guess is a strange cache state - try clearing cache in Chrome.


ok. All back. Something in the cache was wonky. Weird.

Well, that is weird lol

You started an alternate universe.
The most common term uttered by computer users (mostly me): “It’s never done that before!”

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