Custom box for Domino set


Working on a box in ~1/8 hickory I resawed years back. Not as easy to work on fitting together as PG!


Very pretty!


Yeah, love the grain in that wood. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ooooo…love the hickory!


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Clamp much? :japanese_ogre:


Looks like the proper amount to me. :thinking:


Nope! You can still see exposed wood that COULD be clamped. NEED MORE CLAMPS! :wink:


This makes me want to buy even more clamps.


I have those same clamps and use them ALL THE TIME! I also have a lot of the 6" “F-style” clamps from Harbor Freight. They’re only $3/ea and are handy for this type of thing.


There is not such thing. Clamps are never enough.


I went crazy the last time HF had clamps on sale, but still don’t have enough! I also picked up a tube of their assorted spring clamps and use them for all my small projects. Rubber/elastic/lacky bands are great for boxes, too.


will you be engraving a domino on the lid?


Good to know about those assorted spring clamps. For some reason, Home Depot has the larger spring clamps for $.99 pretty much all of the time, but Lowe’s carries some for about $3 or $4. Not sure why that is, but check Home Depot if you’re looking for some good, cheap larger ones.


Something along those lines :grin:


Enjoyed making this :slightly_smiling_face:


But it smelled and tasted Delicious…neh ?