Custom Branded Laptop Stand

A few months into this pandemic I was laid off by my employer.

But, not to worry, in less than a week I had a new position with Michael Baker International along with an increased salary!

I took a nice three-week vacation that was “paid” thanks to the cashed out vacation time and severance package and then in mid-July I started my new job. They shipped me a laptop, two monitors and workstation and I decided to lift up the laptop to a better viewing height so that I could have three screens that were are good heights for me, as well as have some room under the laptop for the workstation to live.

I took the logo from the company from their website and turned it into an SVG, then designed it into the side of the very simple stand. Then I put the 80th anniversary logo and the mantra of the company “… the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack…” engraved into the front.

It worked very well, but not too much later I shifted to working two days a week in the project office for the project I am working on. Another workstation and monitor setup, so I decided to migrate the MBI stand there.

I was left without a stand for my home office, so I did a bit of a redesign, making it more personal to me and my brand (Cast Iron Game Lab) and added that logo to the front and Meeples to the sides, cutting it out of orange acrylic. I also made it a touch smaller so that my personal laptop fit better, though the laptop on it in the image is my company one.

Overall I am very happy with how these turned out and how they function.


Nice stand, but I think you were totally correct to lead with that pic of your dog :slight_smile:

Looks like you just got some good snow, where is that?

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That is cool! Great build and design!


Yeah, I posted the images from my phone into a new topic and when I went back in on the PC to edit the text, I saw the dog pic got added by mistake. I guess I should go ahead and repost a couple of those (I’ll add them to this post in a minute from my phone).

That snow is out near Greenwater, WA, about 20-30 minutes by road from my place in Enumclaw and then it took probably 45 minutes wheeling to get up to that level.

Meet Pip! He’s a lab/shepherd mix. Long story though as we were supposedly buying a pure lab. :man_shrugging:. He’s currently about 4.5 months old.


Wow! Glad that layoff worked out so well for you! Nice work. :sunglasses:


What a beautiful pup! Love those shepherd ears!!! Had a lab/shepherd mix years ago. Best dog ever!


His ears are SO expressive! Easily his best feature. He’s very… rambunctious. Yeah, lets go with that. I don’t recall having a puppy this crazy, and I’ve had a lab mix in the past (though not mixed with shepherd). Anyway, I need to work on training.

He was supposedly a “mismarked” lab. We looked that up and it is a thing, so we didn’t really think anything of it. He looked the same (body and face-wise) as all the other lab puppies in the liter aside from his coloring, which at the time consisted of a tiny bit of beige on his paws and his “eyebrows” and that was it. We first saw him at about 4 weeks. When we picked him up at 7 weeks he had more beige on his paws and partway up his legs, but again, we thought nothing of it. I took him in for shots between weeks 8 and 9 and the vet was like “he’s a shepherd right?” So, I sent a pic back to the breeder and she confirmed he was a mix. Long story short, it turns out he wasn’t even from the liter she was selling him in. He was another persons pup that was born at the same time, and their lab had apparently copulated with their neighbor’s shepherds. :man_facepalming:


Very nice!

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Not one, but two great setups!


NIce story all around! Great stuff!


Nice stands … and very glad you found work so quickly. That’s wonderful. Love your dog!

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