Custom Built Plaque

I have a friend who will be turning 61 in the next week, and who will be taking early retirement in a few months. When he is away from work in his job as an engineer, he is continuously engaged in building and remodeling projects inside his house and in his backyard. Some very elaborate landscaping.

As a gift to him, I decided to forge a bunch of little plaques for him that he can affix to interesting items he builds in the future. Designing it in Illustrator was easy. Designing it to be GF friendly was another matter. I learned all about punching out backgrounds where shapes overlap to avoid engraves in areas where there should be no engrave, creating a trace cut around the entire plaque, etc. And I am happy I figured it all out before a single laser beam was fired.

When you load an SVG into the GFUI, you really need to study what it is telling you. If you see extra copies of elements or big square blocks where there should be something less than that, you need to go back to the original file and tweak it. That I did repeatedly. And I am pleased with the result with no testing spoilage. 20180121_201209


Beautiful and thoughtful project. Great advice too. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the preview as what you see is what you get. I learned that the hard way :slight_smile:


Yeah, that wouldn’t be easy to design. Nice job on it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely worth the extra work. I really like the zipper frame—those zippers look like actual metal!


The detail you have is amazing!


He will love them! Nice job!

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