Custom Cake Topper Tutorial

I needed a quick Cake Topper for my daughters Sweet 16 cake, so I made a quick tutorial on how to make your own custom topper if anyone has wondered how.


Look great, thanks!

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This is so helpful. Thanks!

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Nice Job! (Shifted to the Tips and Tricks section for you.)


Seems to me anything can be a cake topper with enough imagination! Purely depends on the size/mechanical crush resistance of your cake… I mean if you drop a class-IV trailer hitch onto a cake it sort of by definition is a cake topper… (although depending on your cake it’s probably a cake-bottomer too? A good fruitcake could probably support a hitch, fruitcakes my sister used to make for the holidays could probably support the hitch with the trailer still attached!

Caramel volunteers to be a cake topper! (Note she only weighs like a medium cat despite the 2” of winter coat she has). Probably need about a 13-15” round cake to fit her feet.


Awesome. I have Illustrator and will try a cake topper

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I love her face

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Her sister (Oreo) is the real character. Caramel started out pretty sickly and so is kind of skittish (combined with the general lunacy of goats). But Oreo has no fear, and will cause trouble continuously. But she protects caramel from the boys when she can. I imagine when she gets full size she won’t hesitate to pick a fight with the boys just to keep them in line.


I never get tired of seeing them. :blush:

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