Custom Case for a Portion Scale

It seems I have one basic design in my head and I keep using that for lots of projects.

I have a portion control scale that I use mostly when I am baking bread. As a good digital calipers helps your Glowforge projects, so does a good, precise scale. I have my bread recipes on spreadsheets that use baker’s percentages, measuring in grams. It really is important since after the quality of the flour, getting the hydration correct for what you are making is so so important.

I have been keeping the scale in the original box for the past six years. The scale is still precise and in good condition. But the box is getting beat up and it is one more step, literally, in the baking process since I have to walk over to the pantry to fetch it.

Now I have a place for it to live in my measurement drawer right below my marble slab where I make the bread. It’s now living next to my knife sharpening stuff, and other measurement devices, including lots of 3D printed funnels, a mason jar airlock and sauerkraut submerger, and other bits and bobs. I do have to organize this drawer a bit. Most importantly get my @markevans36301 sharpening stone hung on a holster on the wall like it deserves next to my magnetic knife rack.

I can’t emphasize how useful learning Onshape has been for me. Literally five minutes to opening up the program and uploading a perfect part in the Printer. It just fit within my Prusa MK2 when skewed diagonally on the bed. I used KiriMoto to slice to svgs for the top and bottom. No adjustments needed. Did a prototype in cardboard and then did the final print without having to change anything. Always think of @henryhbk when I use Onshape and KiritMoto because he introduced me to it.

Getting the design on top of the lid was the longest part.

I wanted some type of balance scale on the front, but getting a good unencumbered vector is a challenge. So I went to Cusack’s Freehand Ornaments and did a convert bitmap to paths in Inkscape.

I am finally getting the knack of getting the scan to do minimum lines. It took about fifteen minutes though to clean up and get rid of excess nodes and lines.

The quote from Daniel is a classic. Belshazzar’s Feast. We read this passage every other year in November when the readings are meant to remind us of the end of all things. TEKEL is what the letters say, Hebrew letters but technically Aramaic. But that’s for the scripture scholars.

The whole thing is press fit. No glue was used. The holes in the bottom allow me to push up through them to pop out the lid.

The bottom recesses into a rebate. Knowing the tolerances of my Prusa and the Glowforge gets a pretty tight fit.

And the bottom plate snugged into the base.


Not sure what it is, but sounds like something from a German fetish XXX feature…


Ha. It goes under the fermentation lid for mason jars that I made. It’s got holes in it so it keeps the sauerkraut under the brine during fermentation. Most important part of the whole process is keeping the air out.

and the mason jar airlock


My Grandfather and I never used one, but he had me stinking up the garage with barrels full of the stuff for the neighbors (German neighborhood in Allentown) It was my summer vacation time with Dad’s parents.

That’s when my grandmother told me about poppy seeds (before everything went crazy) and how we should only eat the Strudel once a day :slight_smile:


Wonderful project Marion, with a perfect personal touch! :sunglasses::+1:


I love how you’ve really kicked the 3D printing into gear…you’ve found a lot of very useful uses for it.


You do such great work and your write-ups are superb. A functional project but with that ever so important artistic and personal touch. Love it!


I’m pretty sure the most important part is getting the guy located downwind from you to ferment it.


Everything is a variation on a theme, all is good.
This is very nice.

Funny that this mention came tonight. I’ve GOT to get that CNC up and running. I’ve been working on it this long weekend. A few of my wood handled sharpeners are my best builds, and four-axis CNC is even more mesmerizing than the :glowforge:! Let me get back up and running, and we’ll get a nice wood handled one to you.


Cool design.

I have been using these things:


Nice job! I like the tight fit between the 3D printed piece and the Lasered piece. And that you have a “measurement “ drawer— brilliant!

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Now I really need to focus on getting my 3Dprinter up and running. Medical issues have pushed it to the background for too long.


Love the combination of 3D printed and Laser cut/engraved materials. Thanks for the write up.

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I’ve always thought everyone organized their kitchen drawers by function. Is there another way? I’ve got a “measure / mix” drawer (small kitchen, had to do some combining!), a “grab hot stuff / monitor its temperature” drawer, an “eat stuff” drawer, a “cut stuff” drawer, a “wash / dry stuff” drawer, a “wrap stuff up” drawer, and an “everything else” drawer.

Is there another way?


It’s so nice! Like… too nice to live in a drawer of funnels and measuring cups. I think now you probably need to make pretty, matching storage cases for everything else in the drawer.