Custom Catan Game Table

From the folks at Super-Fan Builds a custom built Catan table! Look LEDs! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I thought it was a requirement that that game be played while splayed out on the floor at the top of the stairs, blocking all access to the second level of the home? :relaxed:


I think everyone should play in gunpowder engraved chairs :grinning:


Wow! Love the gunpowder engraving!

The lights really don’t work though. They would drive me nuts!

I might be able to handle the lights if they were on a dimmer. Otherwise, I agree.

Site only available in the US… :confused:

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Yup , if anyone can find a link to us non-us ers

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A bar table height dining room table - that is something I would like.

Hopper idea - dual head for the glowforge - a gunpowder dispenser and then a laser that ignites it. Because sometimes you need gunpowder engraving and not laser engraving.