Custom Dice Storage - Kingdom Death Monster

I am so happy with the way this turned out. So there is this board game that comes with a lot of dice sets for the monsters. My friend that owns the game and I play with hated the flimsy paper boxes the dice came in but loved the plastic trays inside. So he asked if I could whip something together and man did I deliver.

The box is made out of draftboard as I was running out of my plywood but I’m glad I went with the draftboard. I used the score option to take off the tape before hand and the draftboard made that beautiful burn color. The front decorative bits are plywood for that color difference.
Other then that its a simple box with a lot of flare. The burn adds to the sort of dark rustic story telling that the game is known for.


Nice upgrade.

Got a pic of the original storage?


I dont have the box myself but heres this from online
The plastic dish that the dice is in (inside my picture #4) is very sturdy but the box itself is hard to open and often rips when attempting to


what did you use to design this? I am just starting and these are the kind of thing I hope to make!

Looks like a very cool design!

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Excellent job on that! And if you decide to add a spot of color, Draftboard takes colored pencil really well.

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I interpreted “what did you use to design this?” multiple ways so i hope this helps…

  • to get the size right i used the black box, of which goes inside each slot, to get the measurements. For items like this that need to be perfect, i like to have the real object on hand and measure it 100 times. Either a card, a box, a dice, etc. Usually i use card board to cut a rough draft or use the score option before committing to a cut to make sure the item fits perfectly.

  • For the art design, its not mine even though it needed a lot of photoshop work to get it vector ready. This is actually a logo from the game that this holder is for. Once i cleaned it up in photoshop i used “image trace” to make it into a vector using illustrator. There is a lot of practice that goes into getting a clean vector like this using the image trace tool.

  • the program i use is Adobe Illustrator. I went to school for graphic design and learned how to use it there along with other products. While we learned a lot of tips and tricks for logo designs, i went a different route and started using it for art. Honing my skills, this translated well into making complex and interlocking shapes for laser cutters. In the end its practice and there are lots of tutorials on youtube to help there.
    Also this is a really great tool. I once made boxes by hand but it was so time consuming I found this.
    BE WARNED! the boxes made by this are really tight and not perfect, so i like to match up my sides like a puzzle before cutting so while the laser cutter will cut twice in one area, at least you’ll know they fit. that or you’ll have to break out the sand paper for every joint.
    but like don’t use this tool if you’re new to vector making because making your own joints by hand is really good practice.

I hope this helps, I’m pretty average/just a smig above new when it comes to making vectors/laser cutting. So if you want to ask more questions please do so. I know how intimidating it can be to ask some of these really amazing designers on here.

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I was just reading about that on here, that and WATERCOLOR! I’m so excited to give it a shot. Thanks for the suggestion I didn’t know about the pencils

Turned out great! Problem solved with excellent results.

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Man that looks amazing. My best friend loves this game so much, that he has bought literally everything they make. Now you have inspired me to try and make a custom dice box.