Custom dice tower



Had a requested design for a folding dice tower that we manufacture…“old time castle like design” :joy:
This is what I came up with…the cracks in the walls are actually cut out.
Started with a flecked granite like paint job, masked and laser etched, rastered and cut out the pieces.

Painted in black the dragon and the other accents.
This was quicker since it was prepainted.


This is outstanding! The paint job really sets it off.


So awesome! It looks like a render, is so well made :grinning:


Brilliant! Your art is amazing! I love that it folds as well. I think you should plan on designing for The Catalog.


Looks great! Pre-painting was definitely the way to go here!


Very cool! Didn’t know I needed a dice tower until I started reading the Glowforge Forum. Will be fun to come up with one for our home, and family members, and friends, and …

Pre-paint was an awesome idea!


Love, love, love that design! (Particularly the little gate peeking out underneath …sweet!) And the paint job is superb! (Of course!)

That’s beyond inspirational! :sunglasses::thumbsup:


Beautiful! I’m a bit jealous…Actually… :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome now for the Dragon ?


There is a dragon idea that I’ve seen that really needs to be redone. I think I may tackle that next…


Are the two pieces connected? Or is the tower separate from the base?


They’re actually separate pieces. I have one design that actually folds into itself. But you can use this without the base if you wanted


That’s really sweet!


Okay, that’s one of my favorite laser designs yet! :smile:


Really good job, the paint is amazing, really makes it stand out from the other dice towers. I might have to give this a try at some point.