Custom Dominos

:proofgrade: Medium Walnut
Cut time: 1.5 hr per side

I had been designing these dominos (I didn’t notice the domino file in the catalog) since I ordered my GF. They are a sentimental design in memory of my grandmother. She loved to play games and cards, and I remember playing dominos with her many times so what better choice! This cut was actually just a test cut as I plan on making at least 10 sets for my family from a wood pile out of my grandmother’s estate.

I started with a test cut on draft board to check my dots since I used a gradient to make bevels in them, and to make sure there wouldn’t be issue of cut through. Once I saw how well that turned out, I moved on to the small piece of walnut proof grade that I got with the samples. These turned out well too, though they did unfortunately get misaligned and have some burn through. For future reference I will not assume that all proofgrade is the same thickness when listed as medium or thick. I’m glad I ran them on wood though to see how the 3d engraving would look against grain rather than draft board.

So for the next cuts I’ll make sure I use 1/4" rather than 1/8 for durability. Then I’ll have to measure how long of a box I will need to cut as well.

Also I will not be sharing the file now that one exists in the catalog. I highly suggest using that if you’re planning to make some and don’t have the patience to try and align every little dot.


I love that you made it in memory of your grandmother and using wood from her estate. What a great memento!


Thanks for sharing the story of these lovely dominoes. I am sure your family members will cherish their sets.


These are lovely! I think I’d eventually like to make a set from white Delrin.

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