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Thank you, I assumed that but you know what that gets ya… :slight_smile:
Many thanks for confirming i was not an A$$…


Wait… what!? Somehow I have missed this particular feature!

@trackzero that’s awesome. I can’t wait to get my glowforge!

I haven’t see the feature either - anyone have instructions on how to find the “Material Manager”?

I just checked without finding it and I really really want it.

The materials manager isn’t provided by Glowforge, it’s third party.

(I’m going to have to shift this thread to the Beyond the Manual section so that the discussion can continue. Any discussion of settings has to be kept there to keep from drawing flags.)

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Yes, please. Start a thread in Beyond the Manual regarding said third party Materials Manager! WANT! (These post-its ain’t gettin’ it done.)

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It’s already there - use the search feature. :rofl:

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Oh man, BURN! Fair enough. LOL


I also linked it earlier in this thread…

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Chrome?!? What about us Firefox users?

I often can not tell whether some posts are in jest or serious.


There’s so much disparity between different browsers that it’s hellacious for developers to try to make one app work with ALL of them, even when they get paid to do so. And top of that there’s updating the code every time Glowforge HQ pushes out a software update. I’m amazed that @trackzero is willing to give so freely of his time just keeping up with ONE browser.

I bet he’d be willing to collaborate, though, if others wanted to support other browsers in a similar fashion!


I understand that idea. I was hoping that some other enterprising person had done similar for Firefox and that I’d missed a link.

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Nice drawer divider. Lots of info gained from this thread! I will have to grab the Inkscape tabbed box maker and GF Material Manager!

Oh! I’m not the original author of the Materials Manager, that honor goes to @icirellik…When I say I’m a full stack developer, I mean I give up on most projects by the end of one full stack of Pringles if I haven’t found a solution on StackExchange.

For those looking to develop for other browsers, the source codes is available on github .