Custom drawer divider


Well, my wife is now 100% on-board with the Glowforge. She was putting these weird little plastic boxes in one of the drawers today, I told her I could cut a custom fit tray, and three sheets of :proofgrade: Medium Draftboard later, here we are…

I used the Inkscape tabbed box maker, set to inches. Box dimensions to match the drawer, tab width of .5", line thickness Hairline (0.002" for Epilog), material thickness 0.13, with kerf set to 0.007. Joint clearance 0, 3 dividers in each direction, keyed into all sides. .007" was just right for the medium draftboard, I tapped everything together with a rubber mallet and didn’t need any glue. Deleted the holes I didn’t need, and edited the dividers to fit based on the changes I was making.

I tested everything out in Amazon Box first. There really should be a material preset for that…Cut at 180 speed/60 power.


Very nice! :grinning:


That’s great. It’s one of the projects I’ve been wanting to do for a year and a half and I still haven’t gotten to it.


Nice work! And thanks for the clear concise explanation of the process and various measurements.


so, my recommendations…do some “stub tests” with edges of generated boxes to dial in the kerf for your material, if you’re trying to avoid gluing…then prototype the whole thing out in cardboard. I realized there was a lot less that I actually needed to cut, and it helps you figure out the assembly order.


I have bunches of these little tests floating around. I should get a notebook and paste them in it with settings. I just redo it.




Truly Functional!


It. Fits. So. Perfectly!! Oh, my organizational heart is all a twitter!!


Great job on that! Next you’ll be organizing everything in sight.


What is Amazon Box? or did you mean you test it out ON an amazon box?


this is AWESOME!!! Why haven’t I thought of doing this {staring at my desk junk drawer}


I’ve done something similar, using my box model with movable dividers. My wife thinks they’re great.


:laughing: I have a :proofgrade: -style “Amazon Box” type defined in my Glowforge Material Manager. It’s just literally cardboard used for general Amazon boxes. Great source of free material, I get a few every couple of days.


@jbpa I started out planning to make it movable, but then I realized it was near golden-ratio parameters, so I just cleared the extra holes and set permanent dividers. The clean layout is better for my OCD. :grinning:

…but out of the whole thing, I missed about a third of a partial hole in the foundation. :frowning:


call me old but WTF do you all mean by “amazon box”??
I mean I have a crap ton of amazon delivered and tons of empty boxes but WHAT?


Laser cut the boxes Amazon sends you to prototype your projects.


Here’s the prototype made from broken down Amazon boxes:

I used that to decide which holes in the template could be deleted.

And this is my Material Manager screenshot:

don’t use boxes with oil/grease stains, and don’t burn unattended, since cardboard can flare up…but I cut this without masking, and as you can probably tell, there was not much charring/burning at those settings.


You might want to add a thick coat of varnish to that Draftboard as it is not at all happy in te presence of soap or water, and would even stand up to abrasion better too/


The drawer is holding electronics components, so hopefully it stays dry. :smiley:

Still, good idea…I have some shellac, but no varnish…To Amazon!