Custom Engraved Wooden Signs

My son started making Fantasy themed signs as well as some other fun things. The picture with the shell is a sea shell he got when he was in Alaska and he is going to turn that into a night light. The “You Shall Not Pass” is of course from The Lord of the Rings, and he put that on the doggy door. He is going to start up a website to sell them on, as well as take custom orders

Lighthouse Nightlight on Alaskan Sea Shell ers.


Nothing like giving the boy a leg-up! His new superpower. :sunglasses:


These are great!

I thought about the dog door, but then figured it was made out of PVC so didn’t touch it.
Great work!

I love the dragon one!

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I will be making one of the Dragon Attack Plaques to hang on my wall. Great idea! Well done!

Reminds me of this…

(mildly offensive)

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