Custom Fidget Spinner

Feels like it’s been a while since I posted over here so thought I’d share one of my recent designs. I’d love to see what you guys come up with in terms of improvements and customisation for it! I reckon there’s a whole etsy shop that could come from just custom spinners.

I’m going back to making 365 things again this year and obviously sharing the files on the blog where sensible, I definitely need to get back into the hobby/making side of laser cutting.

Oh and chuck me a sub on you tube if you want to see these ideas before they get turned into blog posts :slight_smile:


Thanks for the design. I’ll figure out a use for it somewhere

Nice to see you back (and sub’d your YouTube).


Thank you. You have been missed.


Thank you sharing!

Thus reminds me of the “executive decision makers” one used to see.

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I like it! I made a cube a while back but this takes a lot less material and you have more choices! Thanks for the share.


Welcome back! Looking forward to the next year of designs :slight_smile:

Subbed of course.

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So glad to see you again! One of my favorite contributors. I will definitely check out the YouTube and blog.

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Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


hey man! Long time Thank you for the generosity! Subed of course. :+1:

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@m_raynsford, you were the go-to-guy when I was learning laser design. There was no one who was as helpful and informative as you back in the early days of the forum. Your pioneering work and sharing of information was an inspiration and still is!


Thank you for sharing.

Welcome back! Thank you for sharing! There are a lot of ways to use that.

It’s great to see you @m_raynsford! Love the design.

I need to make one of these with dinner choices on it when we cant decide where to go eat! Thanks for the free design!

That’s exactly what the original request was for, but it span so poorly I felt like I needed a better attempt at it. Movie Genres was only something my wife threw at my within a few seconds :slight_smile:


I could use one for household chores. (Great idea!) :smile:

Nice Design, thanks for sharing it. I’ll probably make one for some of the board games I play.

Now that’s a good idea, I have an awful lot of board games and this would totally be useful for deciding which one to play.


So you need a certain kind of bearing to make this work smoothly?

Yes I came back to ask that question. How does the middle work? I noticed on the file there is a small circle- does that go in the middle?