Custom Forge Table available soon!



Hi Everyone! I am designing and building a custom cart/table for the Glowforge® that will be available for sale in late spring.
I will also make available all the plans and part numbers free of charge so if you have access to the proper tooling you can make it yourself.
The basic table will come in 2 heights and start at ~$200. You will be able to customize it to your liking with various storage options, pass thru support, side shelves and more!

Sign up here and I will Let you know as soon as they are available!



You’re in an awfully strange area here. Not sure if you can post a link for selling Glowforge-specific items.

Really nice though! Might take you up on that!


Relax Tom, he is a GF purchaser who is offering something many here might want. He gets a little slack from us because he is a customer and a Regular. Unless he becomes a pest on the forum, this will be of interest to some. - Rich


little spelling error on your landing page:
“Be the fist to know when they are available.”


So if your promising late spring, does that mean available winter next year?


Spew alert!


Thanks! Fixed


Hehe, no it will be late spring, Much less debugging!


No, thank you… I had something horrible stuck in my head, and now I’m humming Fist of Rage, which is much better!


What an odd thing to say. Maybe you misunderstood… I’m not sure if Glowforge will allow such a post. I don’t work for Glowforge and therefore have no vested interest. But if I was Glowforge, I’d sell a table. And I’d be pissed if somebody tried to sell a competing table on my very own website.

Anyway… I still like it, and still might buy one. Otherwise, I was just trying to help the guy out. He doesn’t need to listen to my suggestion. I literally have a picture on my wall at my desk at work… It’s a picture of Sgt. Schultz with a quote in large, friendly letters… “I KNOW NOTHING!”


Hee, hee…good one. In my office, as a safety engineer (for many design engineers), I have a sign on the wall that faces my door (so all that enter see it), “Abandon all hope, Ye who enter here.” :grin: - Rich


Looks very similar to my own design that I am not planning to sell. The one thing I would add is a place for a UPS unit large enough to support the 'Forge. I plan to add one to my table so that if I lose power I don’t lose the job, within reason.


I am starting to get some inspiration to use my welder again… hmmm… :smirk: - Rich


Great idea. Might fit behind some of the drawers.


I understand your statement, but at the same time I doubt that Glowforge will get into the furniture business. I think @tom is probably pretty safe to sell something like this… and he’s willing to give the plans for free! That’s awesome!

Nice design.


Can you give a plan of table??? I am from Uk… I can make my self!!!


Awesome!! Looks very usefull!!

You might change the description to utility table/cart that your Glowforge will fit on…instead of FOR the Glowforge. That will take away the implied “this is build specifically for the Glowforge” and not get confused as to whether it is a Glowforge approved table etc…
Wording is everything…lol


Yup, they will be on the site when we launch. If you sign up I’ll email you when the site is up.


Thought about that, couple possibilities are getting only one set of drawers or the taller table(the one for not the air filter) will have about 8" on top of the drawers.


That really is an awesome gesture, to offer the plans free. Nice piece of character on display there Tom!:sunglasses: