Custom glass window PC

The new gaming machine got an upgrade…


nice! Great idea! Are there LEDs in there? Bet it looks cool at night!

Looks great, been wanting to do this for awhile never got the nerve to try.

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no LEDs yet… looking into building some into the edge of glass, as that lights up just the engraving really nicely…

totally worth it! go for it!

Turned out great :slight_smile: glad you decided to try it. Makes me think mine might need an upgrade as well


dark view…


Very Nice! Did you use masking? and did you do it on the reverse side? :+1:

I used chalk paint to mask the glass and i did flip the image and engraved the inside. That worked out much nicer than engraving the front

I’ve never etched on glass before. I’m going to have to give it a try. I like the chalk paint idea, but how do you remove it from the glass after etching?

You probably just wash it off with soap and water, maybe a glass scraper. Chalk paint is pretty much calcium-based stuff (chalk, crushed eggshells, etc) in a tinted acrylic paint. Unfrosted glass is not paint friendly and is probably happy for you to remove the skin.


Does a regular paper tape mask not work on glass?

I’m sure it does. When I read about the use of chalk paint, though, part of me said, “wonder why?” and the other part said, “oh, yeah, that works!” The other part of me is mum now, so I’m not sure why it’s such a good idea. Maybe cleanup is easier, or >>application is easier<<.

I’ll bet it’s application; there’s no tape large enough for such a design. Kiss-fit edges can be tough to fit perfectly, adn I know there will be an artifact engraved where the tape either doesn’t meet, or overlaps.

Until ecderonde answers, my info is only conjecture.

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I wonder how wide that is. The tape I have is a 100’ roll that’s 12" wide. I think they make tape wider than mine, though.

The piece of glass that I want to use is only about 8" wide by 5-6" tall, so my tape will cover the whole thing with 1 piece. So, I guess I don’t need to go shopping for chalk paint at the moment.

Tape works and is probably just as easy to apply (apart from the kiss-fit edges. For pieces with details it’s just a pain to remove the tape (and the glue tends to stick better to glass I find, but maybe that’s about cleaning the glass better before hand). The chalk pen I use, you just rinse off with water. (I just rinsed under tap, and then rinsed with a small amount of cleaning vinegar and allowed to dry. The vinegar ensures you don’t get water stains)

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What settings did you use for this?

So modern and avant-garde!

@elijahdlubak, speed 1000, precision power 80, 180 lines per cm.

I’m about ready to try this… I am using large masking tape. Just wanted to double check first - is this tempered glass that came with the pc? I’m about to try the front panel.

I could be way wrong, but it seems I read somewhere that tempered glass vs. regular glass is not a good candidate for engraving with a laser. Did you already check that all out?