Custom lego weapons



Made some cool weapons for my little lego minifigs.
My son loves Megaman Zero and minecraft so he’ll be surprised when he sees these in the morning.


super cool. is the blade cut with an exacto knife and the handle 3d printed?


Both are laser cut from 1/8" acrylic. Blade is green fluorescent and hande is white.


Those look great! I am planning on all sorts of weapons for my toys. You could show off how small these are by using something for scale in there. Because that handle is really tiny!


Because stepping on a lego isn’t painful enough… lol Seriously - very nice! Let us know how your son liked it. ( I’m sure he’ll love it!)



Lol thats awesome


As if the outrageous smiles weren’t creepy enough on those blasted toys :wink:
The pink one in the second picture looks oh-so excited to be holding such a dangerous weapon
Then again, the danger is what makes it fun lol[quote=“PlGHEADED, post:5, topic:1839”]
isn’t painful enough.

there might be some slight masochistic tendencies involved in developing lego arsenals…


Those will be awesome for stepping on in the middle of the night! :wink:


lol especially if they land in the carpet with the pointy side up… :imp: