Custom Lettering made with Wood and Epoxy


Experimented with several different colors of epoxy (5 in this case) swirled on a piece of wood and allowed to cure. After it cured I had the idea to use the GF to make lettering from it. Love how it turned out and can think of some cool uses for this!


Wow! I love this! Did you check the safety of lasering the epoxy?


Nope, took just about 1 minute to cut, so i wasn’t concerned. If i engraved on it, i would check first.


You basically reinvented tortoiseshell!

I wonder if you’d get more dramatic color if you painted the wood white or mirror spray paint? Really cool idea.


A lot of different directions to go with this, and not only lettering either. Thanks!


From what I’ve read, epoxy resin shouldn’t be cut wit a laser. (Fumes.). It turned out pretty cool though.


What if you used acrylic resin? :thinking:


Nice. That would add a whole new angle for inlays. Yes, the tortoise shell, but also abalone colors, or even marble or other stone based colors. :sunglasses:


I like it! Nice job.


Oh yeah, I could seriously do some damage with this technique.



@timjedwards’ and my dad used to do all sorts of stuff with epoxy when we were kids. This reminds me of a name plate he made one time for his desk. He tore pages from the Sunday funnies into strips, dipped them in epoxy, and molded them into a block. Then he sanded it down and put another clear layer on top in which he imbedded his USAF rank and his name, using gold plastic letters. It had the same sort of dark swirly colors in it, looked really cool. :slight_smile:


I have fond memories of this, it was always fascinating to examine.


Imagine what he’d have done with a Glowforge, back in his prime! I wish we could convince him that 82 isn’t too old for new toys. :heart_eyes:


My 85 yr old neighbor wants one :slightly_smiling_face: Same conversation - “I could have made so many things”.

When my plasma CNC comes in we’re gonna have a wild weekend!


Unfortunately @timjedwards and I live too far from him to share ours with him. I guess we’ll just have to keep making him lots of stuff. :wink:


Perhaps try telling him that this 80yo(in October) is starting his new business, with his first exhibition in US next year.
Oh, and picking up my green card tomorrow !
John :upside_down_face:


Congrats! Hopefully you can quit hopping back and forth across the pond now. :wink:


Yes, the part-time husband will be a thing of the past !
John :upside_down_face:


Better not teach him Call of Duty! Ha! :sunglasses: