Custom Lettering made with Wood and Epoxy


Experimented with several different colors of epoxy (5 in this case) swirled on a piece of wood and allowed to cure. After it cured I had the idea to use the GF to make lettering from it. Love how it turned out and can think of some cool uses for this!


Wow! I love this! Did you check the safety of lasering the epoxy?


Nope, took just about 1 minute to cut, so i wasn’t concerned. If i engraved on it, i would check first.


You basically reinvented tortoiseshell!

I wonder if you’d get more dramatic color if you painted the wood white or mirror spray paint? Really cool idea.


A lot of different directions to go with this, and not only lettering either. Thanks!


From what I’ve read, epoxy resin shouldn’t be cut wit a laser. (Fumes.). It turned out pretty cool though.


What if you used acrylic resin? :thinking:


Nice. That would add a whole new angle for inlays. Yes, the tortoise shell, but also abalone colors, or even marble or other stone based colors. :sunglasses:


I like it! Nice job.


Oh yeah, I could seriously do some damage with this technique.