Custom Lid For a Wine Box

Michael’s (hobby store) had wine boxes that are normally $15 marked down to $5, so I bought the 4 my closest store had on hand and am going to the other local store tomorrow to buy what they have. I could make a box, but at that price, these are as good/better than what I could make.

I took the sliding lid out and printed my own for a friend’s family. I think it came out amazing and it can be used to store anything they want!

I’m going to make some for my nephews to keep legos and other toys in and personalize the lid for each of their interests.

This is such a cool find!


I am going to have to look at the stores close by to me. That turned out Amazing. :grinning:


Ditto! We hand out a lot of wine gifts to customers! Anything that saves me having to build the box first is a great idea in my book! :grinning: