Custom Newborn Plaque

Had a woman from my church approach me a month or so I inquiring about the work I do. My wife tends to tell everyone she comes in contact with about my lasering - to be fair, half of the time it’s from the questions she gets about the earrings I made her. Anyway, this woman told me she was going to have a new grandbaby and would love to be able to give her daughter something nice for the birth. Well the baby was born on the 19th, and the woman, Kim, again approached me letting me know she would be flying to meet up with her family to help with her new granddaughter. She told me this passed Sunday and asked if I could get anything done by Friday (today). I work best under pressure so I told her that shouldn’t be a problem! Flash forward to yesterday morning when I woke up and my wife had texted me reminding me to make the sign…I had totally forgotten! This week has been hectic with my regular job, but I didn’t want to let Kim down, so before work yesterday I threw a design together. After work I decided against the design, and made a new one. All nearly last minute as she needed them today, so I believe this is the best I could do regardless of the time I originally had haha.


The only real requirements she gave me was she wanted the name repressented and the meanings somewhere on it. She’s coming to pick it up in a few minutes, so hopefully she likes it, otherwise I really will need to come up with something last minute!


Fingers crossed, but I’ll bet she flips! :wink:


Oh yeah. I’d say you nailed it!


Nice work for being in a rush. They’ll love it.


Well Kim loved it! She was extremely pleased! This is a huge reason I wanted this machine. After I gave it to her, I thought, wow, that’s literally the only one of those on this planet, and with the billions of manufactured items, it’s truly a unique thing for them to keep forever. Really cool thought, anyway, thanks for the support everybody!


Excellent job. Well done.:sunglasses:


Really wonderful. Great font for the name.


The combination of materials is always great … lovely work.

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I agree! I have another sign I’ve recently designed and have been meaning to share… Actually I have a handful of projects I’ve been meaning to share, but haven’t done so yet haha. Those all have to deal with moving acrylic and would, it’s just so satisfying having the mixed mediums!