Custom Onesies for High School Coach

I’ve been playing around with Heat Transfer Vinyls in the Glowforge, and it has worked out pretty well. One of my son’s baseball coaches recently had a baby, so I thought I’d throw together some custom Onesies with some baseball phrases on the back.

I’m using Siser Easyweed Stretch vinyl. Here are some tips that worked well for me on a Pro - you may have to play around with settings on a standard model:

  • Set Speed to 500.
  • Set Power to 22.
  • One pass.
  • .01 Thickness.
  • Place the Vinyl shiny-side down. (clear plastic backing down)
  • Make sure text is REVERSED in the image.

At these settings, the laser won’t pierce the entire sheet - it generally only cuts through the vinyl layer, and not the clear plastic backing. (although at corners it sometimes goes all the way through). After the cut, I use a dental pick and tweezers to “weed” out the sections I don’t want. Then I use a cheap t-shirt press from Amazon (305 degrees for 15 seconds) to press the vinyl into the shirt. I’ve got some t-shirts I did a while ago, and the text has held up after many washings.

After the cut, the vinyl may look a little imperfect, however it’s amazing how well these come out once heat-pressed to the fabric. Be careful with font selection, or you’ll spend a bunch of time weeding out the bits you don’t want.


Moved to beyond the manual since you published non-PG settings.

If you remove the settings, it can go back to Made on a Glowforge, if you prefer it to be there for some reason.

For more info, read the FAQ.


Nice work! Cheap T-shirt Press on Amazon? Can you share a link for that?

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Those are some cute little onesies! My fav is the “Caught Napping.” :smile:


Sure thing. I ordered the Zeny 5-in-1 (link below). It had a bunch of stuff I didn’t want, but I like the swing-away feature. This was a while ago, and it looks like there are cheaper options without all of the accessories now.


Thanks for the settings. I wasn’t sure if Easyweed Stretch (vs. the plain Easyweed) was also laser safe, but now I see that they specifically say it is. So exciting!


They’re really cute. I’m sure many will appreciate your setting information!


I thought there was going to be a photo of a HS coach wearing a onesie, so now I’m kinda disappointed. They’re really cute, though!


Thanks for the link. Hmm 200 bucks aint bad! Oh dear - gonna have to calla family meeting and get management buy in! T-shirt press here we come!