Custom T ruler in acrylic

One of my hobbies is making T-shirts, and I have long needed a T-shaped ruler to help in placing the artwork. Why buy an oddly shaped plastic ruler for $30 when you can make one for $4000?

I used the SVG ruler generator posted the other day to make the pip marks, but made my own numerals. The font is Phonecia which you can get at the fabulous Iconian Fonts. All artwork is printed reversed so it lays flat against the garment, to minimize parallax errors. The material is PG “thin acrylic.”

The numerals are done with a light manual engrave: 800 zooms, 61 pews, 270 LPI. The pips are a manual low-power cut operation, to produce a much more shallow line than the PG Score operation: 500 zooms, 40 pews.



Looks great! They charge a fortune for those clear quilting rulers…I might need to do one of those. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha! You amortize the way I do. The good news is soon you will be down to $5 plus materials.


That was the best thing I read today :joy:


My motto:


Great ruler BTW! I makes shirts as well and will likely shamelessly steal your idea if you don;t mind :slight_smile:


Be my guest. The SVG is attached if it helps. There may well be a better way to do this, but this was the tool that came to mind. I probably should have looked up existing tools for ideas before I got to work, but… The :glowforge: made it so easy I just wanted to get going!

Tee Ruler (4 KB)


It’s great! Rulers are so incredibly useful. I still use the L-shaped ruler @marmak3261 made for the bed of my machine–it’s great for centering designs under the lid camera and for placing material parallel to the edge.


Nicely done! Very kind of you to share the file!

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The second thing I made after the Founder’s Ruler was a keychain for a friend, with her business logo on it. I told her it was the $2,000 keychain.

Costs are dropping fast, the more you lase, the more you save!!


I ended up making 3, a new one each time he improved the file. Something that should be in the catalog so everyone sees it.

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I could definitely use a ruler/jig to aid placement. Right now I have blue painter’s tape denoting the working area. Sometimes the results still surprise me, though. I have started marking the outline of my project on copier paper when placement is important.

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Fabulous. Inspiration for making a set of Ship Curves for myself. And like a comment above, time to start amortizing some of the costs of Senor Glowforgista, by doing little projects.