Custom Travel Chess Board

My sister’s fiance has a couple of things he loves, so I merged them for his Christmas gift. He loves chess and Alfa Romeos. The board is 4 layers thick. Two layers for the actual playing surface and two layers for the piece tray, which uses 4 pegs (cut from thick PG) to force alignment. The black squares are the Alfa Romeo logo, with half of them flipped so each player has half of them facing correctly.

Here’s the board all set up for play.

Here’s the tray with the pieces in it. I didn’t realize the picture wasn’t clear until after I had already wrapped the board up, so this is the best I can show. The alignment pegs are glued to the bottom layer and poke through the tray layer. Since they are thick PG and the other pieces are medium, this makes a nice guide for lining up the top and bottom halves.

Here is the board all packed up and ready for travel. I repurposed a couple of rubber bands from our last bundle of asparagus. :wink: Hair ties can also be used.

And, finally, a close up of the logos on the black squares. Hopefully, he doesn’t mind that I had to cut a slot into each one for the pieces to rest.

The board and tray border are PG maple ply. The pieces and tray inserts are PG basswood ply and PG walnut ply.


Wow, that’s a neat idea. I like how they pack away That must have taken a while to engrave too.


I think it was 2-3 hours. Not bad, but a good while for something only 8" square.

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That makes for a very nice and thoughtful present. Thank you for showing it to us.


Great design that is well executed.


Great idea!


Nice way to pack n go. I’m sure they’ll love it.


The flat design is clever. Very fun!