Custom Volleyball Keychain


My daughter wanted to make a parting gift for her volleyball teammates. I used Vectr to design the keychain. Each one was customized with their jersey numbers. The material is Medium Maple Plywood.


These are great! I continue to be amazed at everyone’s creativity and abilities! I believe you daughter will be very popular with her teammates. What a great and thoughtful idea and gift.


Great job! Bet they love them! :grinning:


I’m quite partial to the “42”


Since you like 42, I have to assume you are a Douglas Adams fan. If so, you will likely appreciate this, which was one of the geeky t-shirts my wife got me this year for Christmas (There at usually several great ones each year.)


These are fantastic. Really came out great and what an appropriate and thoughtful gift. :+1::+1:


I bet that they love them.


Nice parting gift


Overnight, I see my daughter took it a step further and created some cool packaging.


Nice catch on the “42” reference!

“Six by nine. Forty two.”



I always knew there was something fundamentally wrong with the universe.


What a wonderful gift. The key chains really came together with the personalized numbers and packaging!