Custom Wood Game Book - Dixit

My mom loves this game. We play it every family night and so for Christmas my sister and I get her the expansion decks. Well the original box was running out of room so this year i got my glowforge just in time to make her a new box. My only regret, I made it just a little too big.

While the main box is relatively straight forward with guilds cut in the bottom for the dividers. My favorite part of this project is the tile carrier. The lid and handle is separate, with the handle attached to the bottom instead. This allows for the whole thing to be carried without worrying about the whole thing opening up. The carrier must be placed down and the lid removed while holding the handle down, otherwise it wont open.
Inside the carried I had to use a lot of fine cuts in order to make sure the tiles were all easily removed without tipping the whole thing over.


With the exception of the handle may be a tad long the box looks just right.

My adult son loves, loves all games. We played several over the holidays including this one. I just couldn’t get into it :wink:

But I will be the favorite mom if I make him something like this.

Nice work.

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