Customer Service

Had to get a warranty replacement, and asked to know ahead of time when it would be shipping so that I could make sure I could be there to receive it. They just sent it anyway and now I have had to spend $300 to reschedule a trip so that I can meet it. Glad to be getting my replacement and all, but I would have spent less if I had flown to California to pick it up in person.

The shipping notifications seem to be hit or miss - which really makes things like UPS MyChoice (where you can see packages as they are created/labeled to you) invaluable, and also reschedule, hold packages, etc.

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Agreed, although in this case, having MyChoice did not help me in this case. Not reschedule according to them when I tried.

You could try calling them to see if you can reschedule delivery.

Unfortunately by the time they notified me of the shipment I had to act immediately. Even calling them can be a day long process