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How can I get through to Glowforge customer service?

You have any brilliant ways to get through?

My printer head got destroyed 18 days ago, 13 days ago I finally got through to order a new one, and now no one answers my emails, because I still haven´t got a tracking number, shipping info or anything.

I have tons of orders, angry customers I have to refund… a lot, and I can´t tell them anything. It is really about to destroy my business, so I am getting desperate ![:cry:

The print head is not a standard part to be replaced, it usually requires sending the machine in for repair.

If they have committed to sending one to you, however, then it is probably just going to take considerable time to get one sent out.

Glowforge staff doesn’t monitor the discussion forums. You can open a new ticket by posting in Problems and Support, however.

I live in Europe, so the have agreed to send one to me.
I have ordered and paid for it.

I know they do not monitor the discussion forum, I am just getting desperate, since it is pass the time they promised to send it out, and I still haven´t heard anything from them.

I would not be surprised if it takes them weeks to get one to send to you, and you often won’t hear from them until they have information to share. As stated, they are not standard replacement parts at this time.

You can always look into outsourcing your projects. Either to a fellow European or somewhere else if need be. Some might do it for free, other may charge a small fee for the use of the machine. This way you may not get as much profit but at least you don’t lose customers.

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