Customized Drop It Pieces

I love the game Drop It. It is a quick game that can easily be played over breakfast or lunch.

I keep a game both at home and at work!

I play with adults but it would be a great game to customize for kids of any age.

Spray painted medium draftboard fits pefectly to customize your own pieces.

I have made 3 different sets so far and am working on making side and bottom inserts to match the colors.



I need to make one of those!


What’s all those blue dots? :thinking:


I was afraid the anatomically correct people would be inappropriate for the forums but just right as a gag gift for my brother’s 50th birthday party :smiley:


Fun. I’ve never heard of Drop It, but it looks like something i’d enjoy.

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These are so awesome! And I have to know, did you stage the two anatomically correct characters at the very top of the game? Because that’s hilarious! :rofl::laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nope! Just played a regular game. That is what makes it funny.

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I would have just left that one as is and made a new one. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

So please come back and tell us how well all those male parts hold up after vigorous game use. I would think there will be a bunch of little “parts” laying around after a while.


I play Drop It a lot and the stems have not broken off the Spring flowers, so I don’t forsee any problems :smiley:

We have hundreds of board games. I don’t know why Drop It is one of my favorites but it always stays out of the box ready to play during breakfast or lunch. A game only takes 10-15 minutes and involves more skill than you would think.

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I hadn’t heard of the game … Very creative to switch it up.