Customized Meeple

For a surprise party (SHHH! DON’T TELL MY FRIENDS!) I ended up buying a bag of replacement meeple for board games and etched the names of the attendees.

Pretty standard procedure. Created a template, cut the shapes out of cardboard, populated the template, etched the names. Settings were 340/1, though I gave it two passes in most cases.

This things are itty bitty, about the size of a dime, so this was some precise work. Came out great! Also, strangely, the metallic ones threw warnings when the Glowforge scanned them, warning they were too thick. I suppose the reflectivity confused the sensor. No problem once I actually started etching, though.


Very cute! Personalized meeples! :grinning:


Oh! The one trick I had to use was for the one on the black meeple, which I covered with tape before the engraving and colored with silver sharpie before removing the tape.


What a great party idea!

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So cute!!

What is a “Meeple”?

it’s those little people. They’re the “players” in the game Carcassone.


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