Customized Silhouette Picture Frame



This was my first attempt from the catalog!

I was hoping the project files would be more customizable - I’ve been spoiling myself learning Fusion360 - but I get why they have to stick to straight-to-app designs for sales purposes.

I was still able to do some customizing to the Silhouette Picture Frame - both engraving the frame itself and scoring the acrylic to make a gift for some friends with a sick pup.

(Not a great photo, but you get the idea!)


I wish they would show more views of the project in the catalog. I saw this one but could not figure out what it might look like from the side or back, so I passed. Yours came out great!


I made one of these for a holiday present and the engineering that went into it is pretty amazing! Think I have some construction photos I can PM to you…


Looks great!


Shoot. Already gave it away, or I’d post more!


Yeah, I really like that! Especially with the hidden paw print!


Your project came out beautiful. I am brand new to the GF world and purchased this frame. The only problem is that I have no idea how to put it together. Are there instructions included that I am missing, or is it something that we have to figure out for ourselves? Thank you in advance.


Yes, open the file and then click on the little […] button on the top row. The instructions will pop out in a side panel. (Click on the bed to close it.)


Thank you so much!!!


The paw print is actually engraved into the acrylic, so it’s subtle, but not actually hidden :slight_smile: