Customizing a Pelican Case with a Laser Cutter (Tested)




At least this time, things are NOT stacked on top of the Glowforge. :smirk:

Thanks @AhnoldZ for the typo correct.


I think you mean, ‘aren’t stacked’.


Am I mistaken, or would he have been better taking a photo of the foam to get the plan for cuts? Yes some measurements would be needed to adjust the scale but I think that would have saved time.


Yeah, that may have been easier. Or just counting the grid… Haha. But I appreciated them showing the mistakes though!


I’m starting to get rubbed the wrong way by seeing the pre release Glowforge just sitting there in all their “laser” videos. I can guarantee that far more of the Tested viewers will own Glowforges compared to that ULS monstrosity


Mmm… I don’t know, now the lens have something hard and sharp to hit when moving the case :confused:


this was plain not smart, imo. shoulda cut another piece of foam instead of acrylic


Cool project!

I have been planning to actually cut multiple layers of the foam and glue it to similar case like this.
Do we know what is the thickest foam that can be cut with GF?

The following is about plywood but what about foam or is there too big risk that foam will get fire?

This varies by material, but Glowforge can cut most 1/4
plywood and acrylic on one side.


foam can definitely catch fire very easily (just ask @Jules) but i’ve seen 1/8" and maybe 1/4" cut with zero problems. that’s foamcore, though. maximum thickness of foam will probably vary depending on the kind of foam it is…


Definitely going to depend on the kind of foam. I’ve only got experience with foamcore board, and the paper on the outside can cause flame issues with anything in the 1/2 inch range. Thinner is okay.


I tried some of the EVA foam from Hobby Lobby. It looks like crap, that’s why I haven’t shown it to anyone. That stuff is REALLY hard to cut through. I had .25 and .125 inch thicknesses. Some of my problems were my cutout was a little too small.


That is good to know – thank you.