Customizing Adirondack chairs, corn hole boards, Trophy / Plaque/ Order

Hi guys, first post here. Have had my Glowforge Pro for about a month, and have been keeping it going quite a bit. Im always working on projects for friends and family so I thought Id share how I’ve been using my Glowforge Pro.

First project is a set of corn hole boards I did for a friends bday gift.
was able to fit the art in 2 sections, but the lining wasn’t terrible, but could be better.

Next is a pair of Adirondack chairs for my grandparents, pretty straight forward. Didn’t use the laser for the chair just the front panel board.

next is an entry way table / buffet, used the laser for the side pieces. Wish I didn’t have to put a backing on it but the 1/4" wood wasn’t sturdy enough.

Finally a trophy and plaque order I’m wrapping up. For the trophies, I etched each outline of the main wood then used that as a guide on the bandsaw. The acrylic on the front was etched and cut on the laser (took about 15 min each) and the mirrored acrylic turned out much better than I thought It would.

IMG_1751 IMG_1753


Great bunch of projects! (Love the chairs!) :grinning:


Nice body of work, agree on the chairs! What a great present for your grandparents!


Just chiming in with appreciation for the variety of your projects all well done. I, too, love the chairs.


Lovely work all over!

Could you replace the wood with clear acrylic? Strength but you’d still get the open air look…


Very nice work! It’s cool to see some larger projects.


I’m in love with the table! I was just thinking last week about making a custom set of boards as well. I like how you overcame the width limitation with the two tone.


The entry table is nice … Chairs for your grandparents … Well, that can’t be beat!

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Nice group of projects using combined woodworking skills.

Also, did this swing. Used a thin board for the front and then planes down the back board to off set the thickness so it was flush


All great. Love the chairs.