Customizing covid mask

I thought it would be fun to improve my mask a bit so I used glowforge to cut out some heat transfer vinyl to print “Spaceballs the mask” on it. Since I have heard that laser cutting vinyl might not be great I used a cut path speed 500 power 40 to make the process as fast as possible. It turned out really good the hardest part was just ironing the vinyl on a curved surface. I also made a youtube video of my process!
EDIT: I did use PU vinyl so it is laser safe.


The issue with vinyl in your machine is not that it cuts badly but that the gases that let out will literally eat the inside of your machine. Fingers crossed that what you cut was not actually vinyl and instead one of the laser safe alternatives. Otherwise you have some major cleaning and finger crossing of your own to do…


HTV is either a polyurethane (PU) or poly vinyl chloride (PVC) material that comes on a clear carrier sheet.
I hope for the sake of your machine you cut the PU version. Otherwise you are damaging it no matter what speed it’s going.


I forgot to mention is but I did use PU


It is a laser safe vinyl



I do :heart: the mask

We all get worried about PVC because too many folks have destroyed their machines.


Good to hear.

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I mean, sure, it’s funny and well done… but tell us about that lathe! :heart_eyes_cat:


My friend found it in his garage and wanted to just get rid of it so I’ve been restoring it. It’s an Atlas QC-42 from the mid 1940s. I haven’t made anything with it yet (still need to buy a few parts) but when I do I’ll make some videos for my YouTube channel IntoTheWoodShop.


Good score!

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Oh man that’s cool.

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Siser Easyweed is a great laser safe transfer. You set the power low and engrave off what you don’t want. You can get super detail.

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