Customs Settings for Acrylic and board

Hi, I’d like to engrave using custom setting for the GF medium clear acrylic, but when I change the settings, I get a warning sign that there could be a fire and the GF warranty would be void.

I am looking to engrave a photo on a the GF Med Clear Acrylic that came with the GF. what is the best setting to use to ensure depth of the engraving? Thank you.

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I think it’s not so much the settings but the design / photo. When there are a lot of lines or raster images very close together, the GF can perceive that as a fire hazard…which may or may not really be the case. That’s why that warning pops up. You do have the option to proceed, but they want you to be aware of the potential danger as well as if anything should happen, that your warranty would be void. If you decide to proceed, please watch it like a hawk.
The best settings to use with Proofgrade materials are the presets for them in the drop down menu on the left side of the GFUI.


Hi there, what are your custom settings doing that are meant to be different than the preset settings? If you want it deeper, you can just run a second pass of the preset. Acrylic is especially fire prone if it gets too much power at once.


Thank you for both replies. I will do a second a pass and see how it comes out. I will keep you posted.


thank you for your response. you’re correct, the images are very close together. I’m going to give it a try and do a second pass. will keep you posted.


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