Cut acrylic in fish tank?

Silly question…I know the acrylic is fine in a fish tank, but any issues with residue from lasering? I would assume a good cleaning would make it fine, but the odor kinda makes me cautious and I’d hate to hurt my fish, “Killer”. :shark::tropical_fish::fish:


It would probably be best to cut your acryic outside the fish tank. The Glowforge apparently does not do well in high humidity like that.


I actually suspect the odor and residue go hand in hand. When you clean the residue off really well, is there any odor left? And if there’s no odor and no residue and acrylic itself is fine, what would hurt the fish?

I would totally be hesitant too, though. That stuff smells toxic. Would it be inhumane to try a test cut in a small tank with one fish for a little while? I mean, ethically I could justify it. But I would feel pretty bad selecting the fish who might die. And that probably says something.


… though you could use a “fisheye” lens… :sunglasses:


I was thinking more Laser Shark, but even in their case a "fish eye"would make it hard to focus,


Beats me. Good question. Let us know if you find some info, I’ve been thinking about it too.


First: I was going to make a remark like @rbtdanforth. (He beat me to it.)

On a serious note:
In my opinion, using the GF for fish should be similar to using it for food. Woods, plastics, etc. generate gases when being lasered (hence, the smell). Some of those smells may not be good to ingest.

If you’re going to use something created on a GF with food (or fish), just be sure to wash it thoroughly first. For acrylics, I use hot water and soap. If it’s big enough and thick enough, then maybe use the dishwasher. (Is PG acrylic dishwasher safe? Or will it warp under the high heat?)

Other things to consider: There may be a residue on the surface of the acrylic that looks like a gummy coating. If it doesn’t wash off, try using an acrylic cleaner (or windex). Don’t use any kind of scrubbing brush since acrylic scratches easily.


I’m always wary of whatever they chemicalize the water with(if public) for anything i’m gonna drop in my tank.


Damn it! I just figured out a way to get the power cord through the filter opening too!


They make tanks out of acrylic so I’m pretty comfortable with the typical aquarium chemical stuff. Still not sure about the laser part though :-/

Sorry, I meant in reference to the washing of things going in. Sure, I will get the stuff clean of anything it touched until my house, but it’ll have the residue of whatever my local water treatment place uses on the water. And whatever they deemed appropriate to add. Fortunately, this area was too cheap to add Florine so that’s safe at least.

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Oh gotcha! Hmm, good point. I could use the same water treatment stuff for the cleaning water that I use for water changes I suppose :thinking:

If you had an electric eel you would not need the power cord, but you might have trouble retrieving the work.