Cut-and-Carry Laser Cutter

Interesting new Kickstarter:

Only shipping to the EU… Class 4 for the open area 100W Co2 Laser.

Who needs protective cases…


I liked their transition at the end!

Innovative idea.

Happy birthday JB!

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Soon to be seen in a Mission Impossible or James Bond movie.
They tape it to the door and cut an opening.

Seems a bit reckless with a 100w class IV.
My past safety officer reflexes are tingling.
I suppose Unbound is a fancy way of saying Not Our Problem (We Warned You).
No way they will ever ship this to the USA as built.
Not even sure how this is okay in the EU.


With a 100W laser shouldn’t it cut a lot more than our 4[05] watt laser?

It should cut faster. More power is more power, but it still suffers from the laser beam being shaped like an hour glass. So yes, it should be able to cut thicker material but the effect won’t be linear and you’ll still have issues of a weirdly angled edge and charring in thicker materials.

Looking at their site they claim 15mm for plywood and acrylic, 8mm for mdf and 5mm for leather. They also claim they’ll be able to get CE approval, which seems unlikely unless it is permanently installed which kinda nullifies the carry aspect of it.