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I am a new maker. I am trying to figure out how to change the cut and score option. For instance, a baseball image I want to cut is only giving me the option to do one thing, cut or score. I have seperated them in inkscape but when I send it to glowforge, it still comes up as one option to cut or to score. How do I separate them in the left cutting options?

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It’s a little hard to say exactly what you’re up against here without seeing your file and knowing a bit more about what you’re trying to do, but in general glowforges documentation about getting started should cover what you need.

Check out #1:


If you’re trying to separate out so ‘one’ can cut and ‘one’ can score, in Inkscape, give them different colors and when you bring it in to the GF you will have them separated out on the left panel…as @evansd2 says, not quite sure what you’re trying to accomplish.


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Vector lines will only cut or score. If you want something to engrave, it must be a filled shape. If you separate elements by colors, you will get the option to cut/score/engrave them separately.

I think this link may be helpful: Glowforge Interface - Vector Files Made Easy 🤔


Thank you! That clears it up!

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Vector lines will also engrave - they just won’t automatically set to engrave unless they’re filled, you can always click on them and set it manually.