Cut ear ring

How do I cut this into an ear ring?

Welcome to the forum.

You’re asking what seems luke a simple question but really isn’t.

Unfortunately there are lots of questions that could make this go many different ways… and by asking it so vaguely it puts a lot on the people who would try to help you… we’d essentially have to go back and forth several times to figure out what you’re trying to do and then take the time to write up a full tutorial on how to do it.

All of which is to say… we’d like to help but I think maybe stepping back and showing you the fundamentals is a better first step. So: I’d recommend reading everything in this thread.

Once you do that, if you still have questions (you probably will) the next thing is to give a bunch more details, maybe with some sample photos of things like you’re trying to do. I’m sure we can help you but this just isn’t enough to go on.


Okay, what the other Evans said but I’ll go ahead and make an assumption or two and make a suggestion.

You have a raster there so it won’t cut but you can engrave it. If you will simply draw a vector circle around this in any of the 2d vector art programs you can cut the vector and engrave the baseball.


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