Cut / engrave capabilities Pro vs Basic

I would like to know what difference there is in cut depth and materials between the pro and the basic model. Besides 20% more speed since it has 20% more power, it also has better optics.

I am still thinking if I change mY order to a pro.

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Now we have some more information about the pros capabilities. they didn’t archive the 20%faster goal only 15% but with improvements coming in the linear motion speed which could result in a final 20% depending on the design.
But no word on the increased cut depth!

The most effective focal range of the laser is I suspect not different so best case you will only get 1/2 inch(1.25cm I think) but depends more on the material being cut than the specific glowforge model doing the cutting.

sorry. math was not good early AM on re thought the cm conversion was too high.

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There’s no meaningful increase in cut depth.

Also, I’m a nitwit: 20% was the correct number (although we’re still tuning and it may go higher or lower); I just made a dumb mistake.


yay for speed :smile:

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also thanks for the fast response