Cut/Engrave on acrylic paint

I am wondering if anybody had tried this. I want to paint proofgrade wood before I cut and engrave it. I have “Master’s Touch” acrylics and am wondering if this would harm the machine or release some kind of bad chemicals. Has anybody cut and engraved on acrylic painted wood yet?

I looked through the forums and could not find this topic. Sorry if I missed it!


No, acrylics should be fine.

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Here’s a really nice example:


I’ve done acrylic paint on glass. The hard part was spreading the paint evenly. I have yet to find a good way to spread it on the pane.

Spray paint it.

I do a lot of work with painted material and get good results. I stick with acrylic spray paint for the most part, but also use just regular acrylic paint brushed on. I can’t say either way if it’s a 100% safe, but in my research I’ve never found any red flags.