Cut lines

Cut lines, pic rotated to so how it appears when facing GF

Leather background from Tandy

Quick tape measure gives 19.5 x 11 inches (give or take tape measure and kerf)


I’m not sure what I’m looking at. Other than lines in cardboard that is.


I think we’re seeing a piece of cardboard covering the whole crumb tray with some lines at the far extremes of the cutting area?


Ahhh, okay now that might be useful. Just didn’t see any context before. Strange how there’s so much space on the right side of this picture if what you’re saying is correct.

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I’m just guessing because I didn’t see any context either. All I could think of.


@gernreich could you clarify your post for us please? :slight_smile:

Sure I was seeing how and where the outer edges were by doing four cut lines to the max


Yeah that’s what @mark was thinking. So there really is that big of a gap on the right of the cardboard? Seems like so much wasted space @dan. I’d have thought that the laser would have been off to the side or something and allowed for more use of the bed.

That “gap” is the top of the Y axis and it the area directly below the gantry at the home position, it’s “dead” space.


I feel they should have added more to the body to allow for that dead space to be used. Kinda like a :glowforge: gantry garage inside the overall body so that people could use that bed space for something like, oh I don’t know, lasing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I see it the other way around. A “normal” laser design would end the crumb tray shortly after the cut line. Glowforge managed to extend it to the whole depth of the case (allowing for the passthrough on the PRO, and bigger materials in the Basic than otherwise possible).


It could very well be that because I’m tired that my previous idea didn’t make any sense. Please ignore it. :sleeping:


It’s a matter of perspective…

Took the liberty of rotating the OP’s image to show how you would normally see it looking down at the bed:

The curved edge nearest you is snugged right into the front door of the :glowforge:. The back edge reaches almost to the back wall so as to support materials that extend past the cutting area (and in the case of the Pro, right on out the back of the case).

Context is everything. The “dead space” at the back is required as there’s a big laser tube that needs to go back that far when the cutting along the back of the working area.


That’s actually the back, not the right. Which is what you’d expect since that’s where the tube and gantry call home.

Edit: Just as @dwardio stated.
Note to self: Read the entire thread before responding.


Sorry I should have rotated the original, replaced original with rotated overhead shot