Cut Out Typography


Got inspired by some cut-out quotes I saw on Pinterest, so I decided to try my hand at some Bible verses that mean a lot to me. I think they came out quite nice!

I wasted a couple of sheets of :proofgrade: medium white acrylic in the process because the PG settings didn’t even cut all the way through and I didn’t discover that until I moved the materials. Ugh. Yes, I already contacted support. Since then I’ve started using manual settings to ensure that doesn’t happen again. Pretty annoying… I also hope that someday we’ll be able to use all of a sheet of material rather than having to waste some of it because we can’t get to the edges…

But I love how these came out and I’m looking forward to making more! :sunglasses:


Nice! (The acrylic really pops!) :grinning:


Thanks! The acrylic is my favorite for sure. As soon as I get some more to play with, I’m going to make a version with a stand as well.


Excellent! I like how you have varied the sizes of the words for emphasis.


Well done! The acrylic is my favorite, too!


I made one more using Draftboard as the back and walnut veneer from Inventables (mostly cuz that’s all I have on hand). Came out nice too!


Terrific idea. Very nice. The connection of all of the letters to make a continuous piece is great


Love this style! The varied font size adds a bold touch.