Cut Settings for 1/2" Cast Acrylic Sheets for PLUS

So I needed to make some cuts on a 1/2" acrylic sheet, and I had read a few other forum posts that gave their recommended settings but none of them cut all the way through the acrylic, so I figured I’d share what I found out.

I first tried cutting the acrylic at 0.433" focus height, 120 speed, and 100 power with 3 passes. I went with 3 passes and a higher speed to avoid the edges getting burnt and coming out wavy. This didn’t cut all the way through, but the focus height was good, so I decided to up the power to full and speed it up a little bit so that I didn’t melt the acrylic with the high power level. This worked better, but still came just short of a clean cut, and left it to be popped out with ragged edges. Finally I ended up going with 115 speed and full power with 3 passes, and this worked perfectly. It was a super clean cut and was sufficiently fast.

So, to summarize:
To get a clean cut through NON-PROOFGRADE 1/2" cast acrylic, these settings worked for me:
-Focus height of 0.433"
-Power at FULL
-Speed of 115
-3 Passes

Hope this helps you guys not start any fires! :grinning:


Basic, Plus, or Pro?

Oops! Sorry, plus.

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This is great info, thanks! I just snagged some 1/2" acrylic at the local ReStore (hardware recycle shop). I know I’ll have to learn settings for this (it’s ‘smoke’ transparent, not clear and probably a different manufacturer). But it’s much better to start from a close setting.

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I have a lot of 3/4 inch and I’ve yet to find a good setting for it. Just too thick, but oh it sure does engrave nice.

This worked perfectly on 1/2" Black/Obsidian! Thank you!