Cut Speed - Basic vs Pro version

What’s the speed in IPM (inches per minute) for Basic and Pro version to cut a 1/4 of plywood or acrylic? Or how many times is the Pro version faster than Basic version?


I asked this question on Facebook and got an answer:

We don’t have final numbers yet (we’re still tuning the motors and testing the custom tubes) but our best estimate is that the Pro will wind up about 20% faster than the Basic.

Please let me know if there’s anything else.



@dan Is there an expected laser tube life expectancy difference between the 40/45W versions?

This was also somehow answered with a pretty vague:

“If anything the Pro should last longer”

But they said the manufacturer says about 2 years. In real life it should be longer, depending on your luck.

Little alarming that only 2 months out from when they expect to start shipping product that the answer to so many common questions is “we don’t have that information yet.” Especially when those questions are related to hardware, which needs to be solid and locked long before manufacturing begins, let alone distribution.

While I do agree with you @chris, if we think about it, 4 months ago they were cutting circles in a hand drawn thingy Will Smith drew. That being said it’s a “young” product. I don’t think they can guarantee that the laser will last 2, 3 or 4 years without them testing it for that long. But do you wan’t to wait 4 years for the release? This is also one of the reasons we’re getting a 50% discount (I think). we might be fools for falling for it but that’s our decision if we wan’t to spend money on it.

While saying “we don’t have that information yet” might not be the answer we like, it’s an honest one.

Keep in mind they raised $9M prior to the launch of the campaign. This isn’t a garage startup, which is why I was willing to pre-order mine. Yet as it was mentioned before this is a young product and I believe they are still sourcing some materials, which is why I would guess they are releasing details a bit slow.

Give it time… At worst you can cancel your order for a full refund prior to shipping.

@scottmillersb The $9M prior to launch along with the “shipping first units in December” is what lead me to believe they had a product that was ready to deliver. It was not clearly stated that this was a crowd funded project. Once I’ve been decieved I tend to ask where else this company might be stretching the truth. Unknown specification on hardware, features that are stated but can’t be demonstrated and shipping dates that are most likely 6 month past the advertised date all lead to my skepticism.
I ordered my GF when they only had about $700,000 in sales, thinking I would be one of the first groups to get my laser which may not be the case. Its been repeatedly stated that we can cancel our order at any time which is comforting. On the otherhand, I’m not in the habit of loaning/investing my money without getting something in return and I don’t like the idea of giving $2000 to a company to use for 6 month only to find they want it for another 6 months before delivering my goods. Canceling my order in 6 month to a year means I’ve lost the earning power of that money for that time with nothing to show for it.
I really want this product to be everything they are selling it as but I can’t help feeling like I’ve been mislead.

From what I’m reading in other posts, straight honest answers is what we are all looking for.

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