Cut straight line

Hi, I wonder how can I simply cut, I just wanted to cut in half of the medium draft board.

thank you in advance.

Just load a design consisting of a straight line, and put it where you want it. :slight_smile:

It won’t cut all the way from edge to edge, though, since the draft board is bigger than the usable area.

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thank you. i wasn’t sure I was doing right making a line with inkscape, anyway is there any way i can cut exact straight line on the material? like human hand cannot put exact straight on the glowforge rigth? i wonder what you guys do make them straight.

If you create a vector line with Inkscape, you can make it perfectly straight.

yes but not material, if there is 1 mm not straight material the line is not straight.

Anchor the material against the side edge of the tray. If it is seated in the dimples correctly, it should be square.

Coincidentally, if you want to lock the tray into place correctly, cut a pair of the boot locks here.

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