Cut without engraving

I am trying to cut a puzzle piece that does not require engraving. I uploaded the artwork but it only gives me engrave option. I saw a post similar to this request but I still do not understand what I need to do. Help :slight_smile:

Convert the design to vector (Paths). Which design app. are you using?

if it is only giving you the option to engrave i would assume the file you are using is what is know as a “bitmap” which is basically an image and is made of pixels. You will want to get a “vector” of the same file which is not based on pixels and is instead based off of math and contain shapes that have a fill and a stroke. the stroke is the outside of the shape and the fill is well the inside. One easy way to tell if you cant immediately tell from the file type is to zoom in on the image and if the edge is blurry it is most likely a bitmap and and if it stays crisp it is a vector.

vector on the left bitmap (png) on the right

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I just used the trace feature on the Glowforge. I still do not know how to use Illustrator or Inkscape. Power Point and Word are pretty much it for now.

Ah icic, getting to know the basics of illustrator or inkscape will be your first steps in getting a successful print.


It is probably a bitmap since I used the trace feature in the glow forge. The issue is how to convert it to the proper type of file.

Ahah! Easy then, there is a step where you click outside the area to create a vector cut line. Then when you get into the interface, you just set the Engrave to Ignore.

There is a short tutorial here to walk you through the steps:


Hopefully the post from @Jules can get you on your way.
If you would like there is a bit of info here for inkscape

lots of tutorials on youtube as well. i go there when i have an issue and can usually get back on track in no time.


Worked like a CHARM!! Thanks so very much!


Thank you so much!


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